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Sun Sign Aries - Aries as Ascendant

The Aries individual is Adventurous, energetic, Pioneering and courageous. Aries are enthusiastic with a confident personality.

Arian personalities are dynamic, selfish, quick-witted, and quick-tempered. Aries are impulsive, impatient, foolhardy, daredevil, assertive, urgent, bossy, forthright and selfish.

They have a need for attention and to be noticed. This sometimes emerges within the family especially if the child with Aries rising has more successful brothers and sisters. This can spur competitiveness and ruthlessness may sometimes be a problem, but the innate sense of humor of these individuals can help overcome the negatives.

Aries can adapt to different circumstances readily and their desire for self-knowledge can help them to channel their many positive, strong, extrovert qualities. The emphasis on the head may lead to rather frequent headaches and such pain is more likely to be the result of a physical condition than circumstances self provoked.

The reaction to partners is interesting: there will be great need for a permanent emotional relationship, no matter how many affairs or experiments take place - or, indeed, however independent the spirit.

An Arian Ascendant brings not only a need to relate, but also a strong desire to understand and be fair to the partner. These qualities will emerge at the deepest and most personal level in relationships.

Aries Birthday, An old astrologer holds a measuring instrument toward the sky.

With Aries as the sign on the Ascendant individuals will appear energetic with a need to win.

Their driving force almost unconsciously stimulates them into action. Powerful ambition and a remarkable flow of physical energy will be devoted to achieving whatever goal is in sight.
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