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Sun Sign Aries - Progressed to Taurus

The Aries individual is Adventurous, energetic, Pioneering and courageous. Aries are enthusiastic with a confident personality.

Arian personalities are dynamic, selfish, quick-witted, and quick-tempered. Aries are impulsive, impatient, foolhardy, daredevil, assertive, urgent, bossy, forthright and selfish.

Many Arians buy their first house or flat at this time, especially if they were born during the first few days of the Aries Sun sign (the progression will then occur in their late twenties, at which time many people begin to think about the long-term future).

The Aries image, tending toward the casual, may also change somewhat as they often develop a liking for more expensive, well-cut clothes. This can be a time when career goals reach success; greater rewards can come in terms of earned income and material things.

When this progression takes place Aries natives can become rather possessive, especially toward their partners. Aries rises very quickly in the northern hemisphere, and even if an early degree of that sign was on the horizon at birth, the changes signaled by the Ascendant progressing into Taurus will occur quite early in life. (This does not apply to southern hemisphere births).

It will probably give the individual a more serious and practical view of life and the psychological effect will be to steady or stabilize the personality.

If the person concerned is committed to a permanent relationship, passionate feelings will become considerably more intense, and care must be taken that outbursts of jealousy do not have a negative effect.

The volatile metabolism usually characteristic of Aries is likely to slow down at this time which will be of positive help as the individual moves into middle age when it is wise to moderate strenuous sports and exercise routines.

Aries Birthday, An old astrologer holds a measuring instrument toward the sky.

Arian enterprise is emphasized when the Sun progresses to Taurus, but the individual's attitude to finance and possessions will be stabilized.

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